Textile Coating 

Our solid water-based solutions suitable for transfer and direct coating to textiles

Rolflex® High solid waterbased solutions consist of waterbased polyurethane and acrylic dispersion concentrated and with high solid.

Our products provide high thick coating and foam coating using less energies compared to lower solid disperisons. Rolflex® High solid are suitable for transfer and direct coating to textiles.

Rolflex® are a sustainable alternative to the traditional coagulation process.

We provide ZDHC approved solutions alternative to DMF based coagulation, obtained by impregnation or coating textile. It is possible to achieve soft and elastic to hard materials, enduring layer with excellent hyrdolysis resistance.

Rolflex® product line is developed for the technical textile industry.

Many sustainable, waterbased, ZDHC approved solutions for technical textile performances on all kind of fabric materials.




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