Digital Inks 

Application of waterborne inks encourages the sustainable transformation of the industry without decrease in technical performance.

Waterborne Inks

Waterborne Inks

In the printing industry, waterborne inks have become a practical solution. Effectively applied in conventional printing it has spread on digital printing as well.

The inkjet printing technology is highly sensible and few existing ingredients are yet suitable to waterborne inkjet ink formulations.

In the Digital Inks Ingredients laboratory we marry the knowledge of the inkjet inks with the deep chemical knowledge of our Lamberti research laboratories to create novel ingredients that will perfectly fit the needs of the applications.  




Our ESAJET® digital binders deliver adhesive power to a wide range of substrates including textile and plastic films and, at the same time, they remain safe for the inkjet printing heads and are easy to process in the inkjet ink production.

We designed FLUIJET® hyper-dispersants to guarantee an outstanding stability for very fine dispersions of pigments and dyes, and deliver great color vividness comparable to self-dispersed dispersions.

Dedicated ranges of PRIMERS enable to efficiently handle the droplets of water-based inkjet inks and obtain the best print definition on textile and plastic films without compromising on the fastness properties of the final products.

THICKENERS and WETTING AGENTS are complementing the range of key ingredients we are proposing for the formulation of premium inkjet inks.

Our technological and analytical capabilities allow us to develop solutions that comply with the most stringent and ever-evolving regulations.