Chemistry surrounds us

Chemistry surrounds us

Chemistry is everything that surrounds us: air, water, trees, stones, mountains, animals and human beings. Above the knowledge of the laws that govern this fascinating science, there is the Earth and mother nature that substantially and independently engages the whole wonderful world in its synergic evolution driven by chemical reactions.

What does give to this complicated system, called Biosphere, its equilibrium? It is the natural equivalent of the so-called “circular economy” concept. In nature the majority of organisms produce carbon dioxide to generate energy. Carbon dioxide is a necessary element to produce wood and other essential components like cellulose, sugar, waxes. During the process of wood degradation, trees generate carbon dioxide by bacteria enzymes, and it's an infinite cycle.

The exploitation of the raw materials of a renewable origin is the first step to join this integral circle. At Lamberti we take this challenge and develop Biobased building blocks to obtain a final product with good applicative performances of surface treatments. The application of these products in formulation of the substrates nurtures sustainability ideals and allows us to support a responsible value chain.

Biobased Resins


Synthetic resins with high renewable content for waterborne surface treatment of several substrates: leather, textiles, paper, wood .


Microbeads with high renewable content used as a high performance matting agent.


A full range of purified and technical CMC grade used as film former, rheology modifiers and special additives.


A complete range of hydrocolloid based rheology modifiers and film formers.