Le Frontiere della Sostenibilità 

Follow Gabriele Costa, our global product manager Bio resins, on Monday the 20th at 10.30 for the "Le Frontiere della Sostenibilità" webinar hosted by Confindustria Varese.

Climate change, the pandemic, and the consequent lockdown have led to new and revised production systems, moving towards more sustainable and circular production and consumption models.

The webinar wants to enlighten the role of Bio-economics that encompasses and interconnects the diverse economic activities that use renewable biological resources to produce chemicals. The bio-economic approach puts nature at the center of its model,  promoting intelligent industrialization, which uses bioresources converted into value-added products.

Our intervention will focus on the importance to have an agile mindset to develop new sustainable and industrializable solutions.

We will illustrate key successful cases developed to reduce the impact on natural resources such as water and air and in the meantime boost the performances. The focus will be on surface treatments in particular Textile dying, printing and finishing process, Paper Packaging, and Wood and Architectural coatings.

The sixth and final meeting will emphasize sustainability and circularity as drivers of industry renewal and create interconnections between different sectors.

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