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Decosphaera®, polyurethane beads

Decosphaera<sup>®</sup>, polyurethane beads

Polyurethane technology was discovered in the first mid of 1900 with also the aim to replace latex in several applications.

Polyurethane managed to imitate the unsurpassed elasticity of latex and its mechanical and chemical toughness as well. Combining the properties of polyurethane with the shape of beads and their controlled particle size distribution we extend the boundaries of the world of its applications.

Biobased Beads

In line with our Lamberti tradition and challenges of sustainable development, thanks to the waterborne chemical process, we have completed our range of Decosphaera family, with our first and innovative transparent microsphere based on 50% renewable sources.
Decosphaera transp BIO 8  can be easily used in water, solvent and UV Energy curable formulations in order to achieve the following characteristics with a positive sustainable aspect: 
●    High matting efficiency
●    Tactile effect and soft feel
●    Natural look to replace true wood effect 
●    High scratch and abrasion resistance
●    Exceptional transparency 
●    Burnishing resistance
Decosphaera transp BIO 8 is available in extra fine particle size and is easily dispersible in formulations for automotive wood and wall paint.

Effect Pigments

Our Decosphaera (link) microbeads  are available in different colors ( white, red, blue, black and yellow)  and different particle sizes, ranging from 15 to 60 um.

Combining coloured Decosphaera with standard pigment the 3dimensional coating is obtainable. The application of these microbeads activates other special properties, like

  • Multicolor effect ( salt & pepper)
  • Unique rubbery and warm textured surface
  • Ultra matt effect with high mechanical performance

Applying coating formulated with Decosphaera coloured series we can add value to any kind of substrate and allow the flights of fancy of designers.

Decosphaera is 100% solid dry, free-flowing and VOC free powder.

Polymeric Matting Agents

DECOSPHAERA® is our developed range of Polymeric Matting Agents.

Decosphera is 100% aliphatic polyurethane microsphere that is used in solvent, water and UV curable formulations. It could be applied as a matting agent. In combination with more traditional inorganic matting agents, it is able to impart specific functional properties in area of deep matt coating such as:  

  • High matting efficiency
  • Tactile effect and soft feel
  • Natural look for a “true wood” effect
  • High scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Exceptional transparency
  • Burnishing resistance

Decophaera is highly compatible with all common resins available in the market. Its main areas of application are: wood coating, flooring automotive, soft substrates like natural leather or other synthetic flexible substrates and indoor decorative paint.

Soft Touch

Thanks to our R&D department we have developed a large selection of aliphatic anionic polyurethane microspheres that impart functional properties like: very low gloss, tactile effect and soft feel; they might be water-based, solvent base, and 100% UV coating. These matting agents are distinct polyurethane beads available in various forms, range of particle sizes and colors.

A good balance of softness and hardness* with elasticity** makes DECOSPHAERA® the first option, if properly formulated, to create a coating with excellent surface aspect and mechanical behavior like: warm touch, abrasion resistance, burnishing resistance. Combining the above properties with inherently matting structure, DECOSPHAERA® generates different haptic effects, from soft-touch and silky to rubber effects.

Spheromers®, acrylic beads

The controlled manufacturing process produce beads of uniform shape and size with highly defined and consistent product characteristics. 
By reducing particle variability, more reliable and reproducible results can be achieved as all beads contribute with identical behaviour and predictable performance to the end application. A range of different chemical, physical and mechanical properties can be obtained with our technology. As an example we are able to design beads with targeted glass transition temperature Tg from -40 °C to well above 140 °C.

Spheromers® CA

Spheromers® CA are perfectly spherical monosized beads made from cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and are available in 7 different particle sizes from 6 to 60 µm.
Spheromers® are transparent and are used as functional additives in a wide range of applications, including architectural and industrial coatings, thermoplastic masterbatches, engineering compounds, technical ceramics and adhesives.