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Waterbased products for synthetic leather articles

The Lamberti Way: Waterborne, Solvent free and Biobased

break through the comfort zone, find a new way for your articles
The Lamberti Way: Waterborne, Solvent free and Biobased

The demand for waterborne sustainable and performing solutions is increasing in the industry, since it is very transversal in terms of applications. It is suitable for coated fabrics, synthetic articles that can replace the real-leather products, protective coatings and digitally printed soft substrates.

The Lamberti way means work with waterborne, solvent-free, biobased and natural based products and embrace a new approach to the production of synthetic leather, focus on the quality and safety of the products. This is what the market is looking for, this is the chemistry our planet in asking for.

Leave behind the paradigms, embrace the change, we are at your side to give you the right skills and products, to be more and more competitive today as tomorrow.

Mechanical frothing, waterbased coagulation, biobased transfer coatings are our technoloy at your disposal, open the door on tomorrow.


Products and applications

We provide key components and technical solutions that can be easily formulated to enhance performance and general fastness in several sectors such as automotive industry, sportswear, fashion and coated fabrics in general. Discover below the products and the applications involved.

Products and applications
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