Natural Polymers 

Chemistry for improving natural polymers properties

Chemistry for improving natural polymers properties

 Natural process of evolution on Earth has stimulated the emergence of complex substances, such as enzymes, proteins, sugars, colored pigment and notably polymers, that play an essential role in life processes. 

Cellulose polymer is the main constituent of the physical structure of the vegetal world. Based on cellulose and lignin wood is a beautiful example of mechanical strength, lightweight and durability. Besided, natural polymers, especially Hydrocolloids, are used by plants, since energy reserves mainly in their seeds.

Throughout the centuries humankind has been learning how to use the outstanding properties of natural polymers for multiple purposes: buildings, textiles, nutrition etc. Thanks to chemistry, we discovered how to modify these polymers to apply it for different purposes.

We at Lamberti have an extensive experience of dealing with natural polymers: starting from cellulose derivatives to hydrocolloids derivatives we are able to offer a broad range of rheology modifiers, water retention agents and film formers that combine great applicative performances and the bio based origin.