Synthetic Polymers 

Transforming synthetic material into sustainable waterborne solutions

 Transforming synthetic material into sustainable waterborne solutions

In the first decade of the 1900s chemistry started its long journey of synthetic polymers development with the invention of bakelite. Hundreds of new polymers have been invented and produced since then, and nowadays these fundamental substrates are woven into our daily life.

In the last 20 years, the environmental aspect of the production has been radically emphasised, especially in the chemical industry and in all its applications.

In the Coating and Surface treatment industries particularly, the continuous research of performance improvement in terms of durability, protection, adhesion, aesthetic peculiarities was followed by reduction of air pollutants (Volatile Organic Compound - VOC), water pollutants and special consideration to sustainability.

The manufacture of our synthetic polymers is strongly focused on waterborne technologies and environment- and user-friendly products as per example guaranteeing low VOC contents.

Our R&D activity accomplishes the creation of binders, film formers, polymeric beads and rheology modifiers able to impart high performance features to coatings in an ever more sustainable way.