Energy Curing 

Light, the primary energy source.

Transforming electromagnetic energy into performance booster

Transforming electromagnetic energy into performance booster


Since the origin of life on Earth, light has been the primary energy source. From simple microorganisms to complex trees in the forest, the solar energy sustains the entire earth life cycle.

Humankind has been incrementally discovering the opportunities the sunlight may give as an electromagnetic waves energy source; from agriculture and energy production to capturing the images and emotions on the photo thanks to a photochemical reaction.

Today we apply our chemical know-how to transform electromagnetic energy into consistent advantages for our customer.  


ESACOTE<sup>®</sup> LX

Thanks to the Energy Curable ESACOTE® LX waterborne polyurethane range, the energy carried by Ultra Violet (UV) light or by Electron Beam can be used to boost the performances of durable surface treatments.

From paper and wood, to metal substrates or plastic films for flexible packaging, ESACOTE® LX can impart great chemical and physical resistances to these surfaces with no need for highly reactive crosslinkers and their drawbacks. 

ESACOTE® LX application with Electron Beam equipment enables the formulator to create the coating without photoinitiator and migration risks with reduced costs. With our ESACOTE® LX technology the tridimensional shaped substrates can be treated using Electron Beam without nitrogen inertization.