New high-performance barrier coating from natural substances  

Introducing a 100% bio-based material through collaboration with Tomapaint

From tomato by-products

From tomato by-products

Packaging is in the midst of a significant shift, moving away from plastic towards paper. This trend is driven by a growing awareness throughout the packaging supply chain, from material suppliers to consumers.

While recycled plastic usage is increasing globally, billions of plastic items still find their way into the environment, causing serious harm. Fibre-based materials, backed by robust recycling systems, offer a promising solution to reduce environmental pollution and promote a circular economy.

However, for paper to effectively replace plastic, it requires special coatings to provide necessary barriers. Fossil-based coatings pose challenges by hindering recyclability and potentially contributing to environmental pollutants like microplastics.

Lamberti has been actively developing innovative, high-performance barrier coatings from natural substances to counter these limitations. Through a fruitful partnership with Tomapaint, an Italian startup focused on extracting bio-resin from tomato by-products, we're introducing a 100% bio-based, unmodified natural material. This breakthrough promises superior barrier properties for paper-based packaging, signaling a step forward in sustainable packaging solutions.