Lamberti and Microbeads, a new technological platform  

A unique portfolio of Polymer Beads

New Website

We are pleased to inform you that the new Lamberti - Micropolymers Polymer Beads Website is on line.

Unique portfolio

By combining the unique polymer beads technologies of Lamberti (Italy)   and Microbeads (Norway), we can offer the widest polymer beads portfolio in the market.

The range includes technologies under the brand name Decosphaera® (urethane beads) and Spheromers®  (acrylic beads). The acrylic and urethane chemistries are complementary offering different advantages and solutions including both soft and hard beads.

The technologies include both extremely monosized particle size distribution and more Gaussian distribution covering a wide range of properties and end applications.

The unique pigmented Decosphaera® range offers design solutions like multicolour effects in addition to the highly transparent Decosphaera® and Spheromers®.