Packaging Première - Avant Garde 

Award for Innovative Materials

Packagng Première &PCD ( Milan) is the most important event for packaging where discover the latest innovations, new technologies, and future packaging trends. In this contest, Avant-Garde jury selected the best projects based on sustainability, design, and innovative materials

Our Esacote® BIO BC 100 has been awarded as the best product in the innovative materials category.

We are very grateful, happy and proud for this important recognition which confirms the quality, seriousness and commitment undertaken in the research and design of innovative sustainable solutions.

From Nature to Performance

From Nature to Performance

Packaging industry is a major contributor to plastic pollution. Lamberti’s Esacote® BIO BC 100, a 100% biobased coating, extracted from the tomato peels, formulated as waterborne dispersion, combines outstanding barrier properties to water, grease and oil and fulfil all the principles of sustainability and circularity.

Nature has inspired Lamberti in the quest of effective barrier materials.  Vegetable fruit skins are the most performing means to extend life of all organic matters. 

Infact, one of the most important examples is the plant cuticle, a protective layer that covers the outer surface of leaves, stems, and other aerial plant organs. It is primarily composed of cutin. It protects plants against environmental stresses and acts as a barrier against pathogens: it is one of the most abundant biomaterials on the Earth and can be profitably extracted from several fruits and vegetables, in particular from tomato peels.

Lamberti’s Esacote® BIO BC 100 combines functionality and environmental responsibility: the Revolution in Barrier Coating.