Esacote® Bio BC 100 

High performance natural coating for barrier paper

The industrial bioeconomic revolution is targeting to progressively introduce 100% biobased, plastic free solutions for packaging applications.

Nature has inspired Lamberti in the quest of effective barrier materials.

Through millions of years of evolution, nature has been developing the most efficient solutions. Vegetable fruit skins are the most performing means to extend life of all organic matters.The plant cuticle is primarily composed of a substance called cutin, it protects plants against environmental stresses and acts as a barrier against pathogens.

After wood derivatives, cutin is one of the most abundant biomaterials on the Earth and can be profitably extracted from several fruits and vegetables, in particular from tomato peels.

The tomato processing industry use 40 million tonnes of Tomato yearly, which makes tomatoes the world’s leading vegetable for processing and generates significant amounts of tomato peel by-products that can be reused in a circular economy perspective to produce barrier coating materials.

Through an innovative patented process Lamberti found the way to convert the virgin cutin extracted from the tomato peels in a waterborne dispersion for the paper barrier treatments.

Lamberti offer Esacote® BIO BC 100 that meets the most stringent commitments in terms of plastic reduction in packaging products. It is based on 100% biobased carbon, ASTM D 6866 certified by Beta Analytics. Although Esacote® BIO BC 100 is fully natural based and not chemically modified, it shows a perfect combination of barrier to water, oil, grease and hexane vapour in a single layer coating, bringing also an optimal sealing initial temperature for all flexible packaging applications.

At the Glance

Esacote® Bio BC 100 won the Avant-Garde Packaging Première Award 2024 for Innovative Material

Avant-Garde Award Cerimony

P. Balletto (General Manager) and Marco Ubbiali (Product Manager) answered some questions during Award Cerimony

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