Functional Paper 

Boosting paper to higher performance.

Projecting chemical treatments

 Projecting chemical treatments

Functional Coating applications give great opportunities and very peculiar features to the paper and cardboard.

At Lamberti, we develop customized surface treatments that deliver innovative solutions for the paper performance needs.

Our available product line improves performance features such as grease and water holdout, mechanical resistance, soiling resistance, printability, ink permeability, release and others.

At Lamberti, we have the capability of projecting chemical treatments in order to meet regulatory issues and environmental constraints in a multilevel approach which considers all the final product’s stakeholders. 

Our main applications

Food Contact Barrier Coating

One of the most important macro trends that the Paper Industry is experiencing. At Lamberti we exploit our natural and synthetic polymer's know-how (Esacote®) and scientific capabilities to develop our range of food contact barrier solutions that provides maximum flexibility in achieving the desired barrier performance towards grease, water, aroma, along with heat sealability at low temperature (from 75 to 100°C).

Security paper

Circulation life of banknotes is affected by many factors like soiling, sunlight, heat, moisture and mechanical stress. Lamberti offers top surface treatment to produce long life banknotes: thanks to our expertise we produce solvent free Polyurethane dispersions (Esacote®), compatible with all current security features and inks.

Luxury paper

Luxury packaging quality lies in evoking a synesthetic experience, where materials play the most important role. We produce a wide portfolio of inherently matt and glossy PUDs (Esacote®) with varied haptics, which can confer very exclusive finishing to your paper and board.

Sublimation and Inkjet paper

Dye Sublimation papers are specifically developed for textile applications like fashion, sportswear, home and advertising textiles. Thanks to Lamberti  natural polymers technology (Carbocel® - Cellcoate)  and our application laboratory capabilities we can offer performing coatings  that provide excellent image transfer and calibrated ink drying time.



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