Barrier Coating 

Waterbased solutions for food contact applications

Waterbased solutions for food contact applications

Plastic packaging is extensively used due to economic and technical advantages; however, it poses a crucial environmental issue like the proliferation of microplastic. Paper-based packagings are perceived eco-friendlier being more sustainable and inherently biodegradable/compostable, however, to guarantee the shelf life and the integrity of the goods they must be treated with functional coatings.

The transition from plastic to paper packaging needs innovative solutions, we have developed a wide portfolio of binders for barrier coatings solutions, to meet the main requirements of the market:

  • Water holdout  
  • O&G resistance 
  • Mineral oils barrier  
  • Water vapor barrier  
  • Heat sealability

Our products maximize performance & sustainability in barrier coating. They do not prevent recyclability and biodegradability (under controlled composting conditions) of the paper substrate. They are designed in order to ease the process of our customers  and the possibility to combine multiple performance in one single coating.


The renewable content of the Lamberti binders is an added value for joining together the highest oil & grease resistance, a strong contribution to mineral oils barrier and sustainability.


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